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One sunny day in my kitchen, I found myself face to face with my biggest food critic “ROCKY”, my mischievous Beagle. As I perfected a new pumpkin cookie recipe, Rocky watched me with an air of insatiable curiosity. His ears were pricked, his muzzle twitching in anticipation.

I handed him the first cookie fresh out of the oven, and with an expert lick, he tasted it. His eyes lit up with immeasurable canine joy. He started doing little jumps of joy all around me, as if he had just discovered the ultimate treasure.

That’s when I knew I was going to make this my career. Each recipe I concocted was a new taste adventure for Rocky, and his contagious enthusiasm inspired me (and still inspires me) to create baked goods that bring joy and happiness to all our four-legged friends.

Thus, Rocky became my official tasting partner, my most sincere critic, and above all my biggest fan.

Together, we traveled a delicious journey, filled with exquisite canine flavors and moments of complicity.

It is with a handful of passion and a big dose of love for our furry friends that I invite you to discover the delicious world of canine baking, inspired by ROCKY, my insatiable four-legged gourmet.

Big lick to you,

Audrey pastry chef since 2017

Rocky Tester approved since 2022







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