Goat/Honey Biscuits


Mmm this good taste of goat's cheese/honey and well our four-legged little ones love it too.

Cookies that combine healthy products with indulgence.

Ideal treat for education or to spoil throughout the day.


Rice flour, goat cheese, honey, flax seeds and olive oil.

All our ingredients come from organic farming.

  • Goat cheese is rich in protein and calcium.
  • Honey is a natural sugar, say “good” sugar.


Our biscuits are homemade in my kitchen in the heart of the beautiful town of Ollioules in the Var.
Le conditionnement est fait dans des sachets alimentaires de 100g (environ 34 biscuits).


The biscuits will keep for 2 months in a biscuit tin away from heat or in its
bag in the fridge. Treats do not replace food and are not supplements


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